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Raised in Merseyside but adopted by Manchester, Head Chef Aiden Byrne has returned to the place he calls ‘home’. Having secured a Michelin Star aged just 22 - the youngest chef to do so at the time - Aiden’s journey to restaurant MCR has taken in a number of the nation’s finest and best recognised dining establishments, but it’s only now that he feels he’s finally back where he belongs.

Arriving at restaurant MCR as both Head Chef and a Director, Aiden’s influence over the food and the design of the restaurant is integral and undeniable. From a menu that’s been painstakingly and lovingly developed to an open plan kitchen that really reflects the city’s warmth and friendliness.

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“As a chef, I am of an age where I am focused completely on the diners’ experience. I cook to bring joy to people and it’s really important to me that my loyal customers feel at home here. So we’ve removed all formality in the restaurant. If someone comes in wanting something other than my tasting menu, if we have the ingredients, we will make it, no problem.”

- Aiden Byrne

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